Who is State Attorney Phil Archer?

Know first, Phil Archer is a slippery politician who is not interested in the truth. When Phil was first elected, he was interviewed on television by Larry Lawton.


Lawton asked a simple question: Who was your opponent? Can you give us a little...

"Well uh, the opponent was, uh, an attorney out of Orange County. Um, been an attorney for about six or seven years, and, uh, that was the opponent in the election."

Notice Phil refuses to say such a simple truth as the name of his opponent. An interview, like a courtroom, is a place to bring out truth. But Phil is a politician who works in sound bites. Rather than answer the question, Phil pulled out the political talking point that his opponent is inexperienced. He can't even speak the name of his opponent, he is that slippery! You can never expect straight talk from Phil Archer.

The voter bears a responsibility to answer the question: Is Phil Archer doing his job to make us safer? Or is he just running his mouth, while his haphazard pretend prosecution lets criminals run crazy, and makes us less safe. The voter must look past talk at actual examples of Phil Archer's work, his actual behavior on the job.

You will see how lazy prosecution put multiple dangerous criminals back on the streets, creating the conditions for the death of one of them, James Mulrenin. And you will see how, in an effort to create the illusion of solving crime and cover for their previous irresponsible behavior, Phil Archer put even more dangerous criminals on the streets - Phil promised to empty the jails - to frame a 100-pound sex trafficking victim who has never been a danger to anyone (except to sexual predators' own gluttony). Believe it, or read on.

Is Phil Archer tough on crime?

Every politician says he will make the streets safer, but give your family member a second chance. Does Phil deliver? Or is he just another talker?

Phil says of criminals, "The worst thing you can do, is ruin your reputation."

What about about ruining a victim's life? Phil can relate to criminals, because he assumes they are all 100% self-interested liars like he is. He views crime through his own lens, of only being concerned about #1. A normal person would preach empathy, rather than self promotion. And people with no empathy should have a record that says so.

Phil talks up the kind of policing that led to Parkland: Leaving violent criminals on the streets, on the theory that convictions will make it harder for them to get jobs. What Phil actually does, is put violent criminals back on the streets with no rhyme or reason, while putting up a facade that there is real work being done.

Phil Archer is known for:
It is easier to pretend to solve crime by manufacturing evidence, and listening to inmate phones all day, than to prosecute crimes based on actual evidence. Phil's tactics are the last resort of an inept prosecutor. Phil doesn't know how to win real cases, and he lets actual criminals get away.

Who is Maletta Rae Galarza Young?


Maletta Young is a violent thief and convicted heroin dealer, who promised "affection" to a homeless man, to help her execute a vicious attack. Her victim was choked unconscious, then kicked in the head repeatedly while lying on the floor. Maletta stepped over his body, to prevent anyone coming to his aid. She fled before police arrived. Attacker Young has been arrested at least five times.


While out on bond, Maletta was caught selling heroin, fentanyl, meth, morphine, suboxone, codeine, and cocaine, while using a Savage Arms rifle to defend her enterprise. Such was Maletta's vision and foresight, that she kept extra ammunition in a ziploc drug baggie. Maletta had two prior battery arrests. This was no fantasy, and Maletta had no plan to play video games.

FACTOID: Despite being an armed felon known for savage beatings, Maletta Young has never told a lie. Being the only female heroin dealer in Seminole County Jail was unique, but being the only female heroin dealer who never told a lie is incredible!
Who is James Mulrenin?

Who is Girl M?

Girl M is an underage sex trafficking victim who, because of a brain injury, cannot see the bad in anyone. Girl M's unfortunate habit is that she will have sex with anyone or do anything you ask. And when a young girl has sex with an old man, no one will ever tell you what actually happened. They will say that anything, ANYTHING happened, other than what actually happened. Underage trafficking is a felony punishable by life. And so Girl M was trained from a young age, to say it was something else, and take the blame, to protect the men involved in running her life.

Girl M would claim she was 21, and that she was an auto mechanic, or even a drug dealer. She may even have believed what she said. The business is so tight-lipped, we are reluctant to even say her name on this web site. To protect the reputation of the victim, in hope she can have a normal life someday.

And now Phil Archer has taken sides against the victim, and in promoting the lies. Miami or Orlando, open shirts or stuffed shirts, they are all benighted middle-aged sociopath dirtbags kicking around a young girl for their amusement.

Girl M came with another man like she always does because - you guessed it - she cannot see the bad in anyone. Girl M knows that two guys sometimes don't get along, but she doesn't really know why.